About the Rhythm Grand Slam

What is The Rhythm Grand Slam?

The Rhythm Grand Slam is a drum exhibition, performance and presentation event like no other. Created by the team that launched Drummer Live, the UK’s first-ever drum show, in addition to including an exhibition of the latest in cool gear and being the place where everyone who is anyone in the industry will be, this two-day event will see some of the major Rhythm Magazine concepts come to life, including intimate talks with professional drummers and Beats Working tutorials and play-alongs. The Slam will bring you some of the most inspiring and original players as well as iconic personalities of the drumming world sharing their energy, talent and insight. Expect an event completely unique and awe-inspiring.

Rhythm’s Grand Slam 2020 will also see the launch of The Rhythm Hall of Fame, with presentations to some mighty major players being both an acknowledgement of their greatness and a thank you for all they have brought to the world of drumming.

In addition to all the great gear and amazing drummers doing their things, Rhythm’s Grand Slam is also about creating connections and invigorating the UK and global drum communities. It’s about the love of playing drums and bringing all drummers – all ages, all levels of experience, all styles…beginners, students, semi-pro, pro and experts – together as one. It’s about creating a synergy that packs punch well above its weight. It will be The Grand Slam of 2020.

And all of this will happen behind the massive glass windows that front the stunning Wembley Stadium, the most iconic of all music venues in the world. You will not see a show like this anywhere else in the UK in 2020.

  • Imagination – Drums are the coolest instruments in the world. The Rhythm Grand Slam is THE place to feed your imagination and come away with new ideas, connections and knowledge.
  • Creativity – Get inspired watching performances from international players and endorsees. Sit in on our Beats Working sessions and learn a new chop or groove.
  • Fun – Step away from your laptop and mobile phone and have some mind-expanding fun mixing with the drum industry.
  • Knowledge – Even hardened session players learn something new every day. A visit to The Rhythm Grand Slam will certainly teach you something new, whether it’s testing a new kit, sitting in on an exclusive drumming session or just listening to iconic players talk in the live room.